Eros Informação

Title=Fact: This is a transcript of memory, a database, and unblocking a bottleneck of information.

my head is buzzing because I have no rivals
I want the rival
which category of friends, is the best of all
I annoy you : this is my desire
so keep in my discontinuous evolution, my slow temporality
and individuation
Your rival is smart as Abel ,
I mean,
like a donkey ?
not cultivate friendship!

just say :
its worth I explain what I write ?
its worth explaining what I act ?
just because you grasp the binary , download the information and translate
as I do here, now, on Google Tradutor
and this is what the work expresses
it is the fruit of the creation by man-machine

I am a technologist
and perform an inventive act
The inventive step is critical to be technical
x doesn't exist without the act!

For friendship, choose Cain
his eyes are soot
Poke your own eyes and wash the paper with blood
x don't need to see the stained letters
Red draws more attention than black in any media

Beside Sacrificed, maybe I happy being just a Fakir
or an artist
or a mistress
working insanely to death, Stockhausen

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